What You'll Learn

So many lawyers often fall short on the rule front. Which is surprising, because often the lawyer that crafts the better rule wins. In this course, you'll learn how to package your rules for maximum persuasion.

  • Learn how to craft rule slogans that distill your rule into a pithy sentence or two.

  • Explore tips to write your rule slogan with standout style.

  • Discover four steps for making sure your citations don't clutter up your legal analysis.

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Crafting Rules Lessons

  • 1


    • Crafting Rules Introduction

  • 2

    The Art of the Rule Slogan

    • The Basics

    • The Steps

    • Deep Dive

    • Practice It

    • Recap

    • Master It

  • 3

    Highlighting Your Slogans

    • The Basics

    • Recap

  • 4

    Easy-reading Citations

    • The Basics

    • Recap

  • 5

    Rule Connections

    • The Basics

    • Recap

  • 6

    Crafting Rules Downloads

    • Course Checklist

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