What You'll Learn

In Legal Writing 101, you'll learn how to put together a legal document from start to finish. This course is designed to help new legal writers or those looking to remember the basics.

  • Learn the key parts a legal document, like the introduction, background, and discussion.

  • See a detailed breakdown of each section in a real legal document.

  • Master a basic process for conquering all your legal writing projects.

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Legal Writing 101 Lessons

  • 1


    • An Introduction to Legal Writing 101

  • 2

    Legal Writing Anatomy

    • Anatomy of a Legal Document

    • The Introduction

    • The Story

    • The Discussion

    • Recap

  • 3

    Legal Writing Walkthrough

    • The Basics

    • Recap

  • 4

    Lawyering A to Z

    • The Basics

    • Recap

  • 5

    A U.S. Legal System Primer

    • Introduction

    • Sources of Law

    • Anatomy of U.S. Law

    • Basics of the Court System

    • Recap

  • 6

    Figuring Out Your Legal Writing Process

    • The Basics

    • Recap

    • Writing Process Cheat Sheet

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